Top 10 Best Exp Laners in Mobile Legends (Part 1)

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2 years ago

Exp Laners are heroes who take the lane where the Turtle supposed to spawn. It is an important lane because the heroes in this lane gain more Experience than gold and makes them level up to 4 faster. The best hero to take this lane are the heroes that gets powerful once they have their ultimate. They are also the one who needs to participate in the first turtle fight because of the power from their ultimate can provide. Exp laners are very important heroes for better early games. But who's the best hero to take this lane?

10. Yu Zhong

After Getting a tons of nerf, Yu Zhong still holds as one of the strong Exp Laners. His ultimate is a very usefull skill in clashes and also as preventive measures against ganks. Even his presence alone during turtle take is a huge impact in pressuring enemy jungle. The only problem about Yu Zhong is his ultimate dependants. Without his ult he can be ganked easily and it will result him being delayed in both Gold and Experience.

9. Chou

Chou is one of the strong Exp laners right now. He is also the most useful once he reach level 4 because of his ultimate. If you've managed to get your ultimate before the turtle fight, you and your team can get huge advantage during fight because he can put pressure to the jungler of your enemy. He is just number 9 because he can't sustain his lane. As an offlaner, Chou is very squishy that he will have a hard time against the heroes above this list. Thanks to his mobility that he can't get pick off easily that makes him still worthy to be Exp Laners.

8. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a very versatile hero. She can be gold lane but she can also take exp lanes. She can't get her power spike at level 4 but still she can dominate her lane. She may be useless in turtle fights but once it reach late game with Esmeralda dominating exp lane is a huge blow to enemy. The only problem with her is she needs atleast 2 core items to fight enemy in front lines. But other than that she is a hero that can dominate the lanes if you can't pick her off during the first 5 minutes.

7. Pharsa

Pharsa is one of the best mage that can handle exp lanes. She has a damage that can clear lanes easily but also possess skill to easily escape during ganks. During turtle fights with Pharsa's ultimate is already a good skill to prevent enemy engagement. The only downside of Pharsa side is she is more on defensive than offensive. She can't dominate her lanes unless your teammates help you kill your enemy.

6. Uranus

One of the most underrated exp lanes in lower ranks. He is very tanky but can cause damage especially in teamfights. It makes him more important during the first turtle fight. The only problem with his is he lacks crowd control. When he get ganked by the enemy full force, he can't counter the initiation and get burst down easily.

This is just the first part of this list. I will post the continuation tomorrow. What is your guess about the remaining 5. Comment it down below.

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2 years ago


I prefer to use Minsithar in Exp or tank because minsithar was so durable and has high damage even though he had tank items. He's my favorite one, everytime I use him, i always win but still it depends on teammates because sometimes I encountered toxic teammates that cause loosing of game. I also used saber offlane hahaha. Easy to gank especially if I'm using execute then I had already Endless battle and Blade of despair

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2 years ago