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3 years ago

It's just started last year, when I and my boyfriend decided to take a room for rent in Makati. We both have a job that time. But suddenly, our company were decided to closed because of a government issues. Luckily our company was so generous to gave us our separation pay.


We went to Baclaran to buy something and also to Baclaran church. We went to Mang Inasal to have our dinner. And when were about to go home I saw a shop along Pasay of OVERRUNs branded shirts and told that to my boyfriend. As we enter the shop we saw many branded shirts inside. There are so many stuffs for men, women and children as well. Clothes, pants, shorts, shoes and bags are available there. They offer that in very affordable price. My boyfriend told me that it was a good business too in his hometown in Laguna. Overruns branded clothes with a cheap price but in good quality.

To be continued........

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