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2 years ago

In our society, marriage means that the wife will be sitting in front of hundreds of people. And everyone will come and see the beauty of the new wife.

But when I first spoke to Meem, we were both convinced that no matter how close our family was, we would follow Islamic customs as much as we could. I will cooperate with each other in this regard. In fact, growing up in a normal family, it is really difficult for people to go against the whole family and observe the religion, it is not to say that.

When Meem told me that I would also wear niqab and burqa at the wedding, I did not decide to marry him. That is why no expensive sari was bought for Meem at our wedding, whether it was two burqas of the most expensive brands. Although he wanted to wear more simple, but his mother did not say that the wife should wear a good burqa.

The people in my house already knew that I would wear a burqa to my wife at the wedding. They also know that I will cancel the marriage if they pair up in this regard. That's why the people of the house did not give any obstacle.

However, one or two relatives told me that our marriage in our village and clan is an abnormal marriage in their eyes.

But due to the problem, some of my close relatives told me on the wedding day that since men and women are different in the wedding tomorrow, then you should wear hijab and keep your mouth open.

Meem tells me what he will do, how he will disobey them. But he doesn't want to do that at all. I told him that if someone came and asked you to take off the niqab, you would say that Irfan did not do it, so that I would not take off the niqab. Meem is very happy to hear this.

But the problem is, some of my relatives started asking me, "Aren't you wearing a burqa with your wife on?" He is making an Islamist by forcing a new wife. When I didn't say it was with the consent of both of us, they said what was needed was one day.

Nothing will happen if you wear hijab for a day or two. One or two people come directly to open the niqab. Later he stopped them with a lot of rain.

I was so angry to hear that what can I say, it is a kind of politeness to pair a woman's niqab they pair. How to become a woman is to present another woman as a product in front of everyone.

Later I thought it was not their fault, they had learned this from the society, they had never seen an Islamic marriage so for them it seemed like an abnormal marriage. I shared the picture so that people also have in mind that this mentality is created that a wife may wear a niqab in marriage. So that it is easy for others to do so. They are also inspired.

Those who try to follow the religion from ordinary families can get married according to the Islamic rituals by adapting everyone if they want. For this, I want you and your life partner's best efforts and desires. Alhamdulillah I got it.

Maybe this is the last picture of our duet, then maybe no picture will be posted. I didn't just do it so that some people would start thinking that this is the way to get married.

I know and I have seen once that in the marriage of a few lords' sons, no wife and no daughter can be seen. But we could not afford to convince our family. So Meem had to come in front of everyone after wearing the niqab.

I pray for us, and I pray to God to help those brothers and sisters who want to marry Deen.

# There was no yellow on our body in our marriage.

# Meem burqa + niqab is worn by myself and my will.

Even my father could not see Meem before marriage.

There was a separate floor for men and women to sit in the #Buvat event.

# There was no photographer in a different way. This picture was given to me by someone else.

The veil was not unveiled even after the men and women separated at the #Buvat event because the women who were there would post pictures with their mouths open on Facebook. That's why he was wearing a niqab, whoever wants to take a picture has no problem.

# It is also a 100% Islamic marriage but no, it will only make you feel good about evil. You will try to separate completely #InshaAllah # ......

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2 years ago


such a great idea and great thinking dear friend keep it up

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2 years ago