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At the end of the day

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2 years ago

Oh Didar, you are marrying a thief. I will blind my family by stealing the Maiya of this Maiyato thief. Blind families are not good. You play this thief, make a prescription for Meyer.

What happened mother, Zulekha is being rude to you?

Don't play, don't be rude. Stealing. This Maya thief. I think Meyer's father was once a big thief.

Mother Zulekar's father was the master of Ratanpur school. That Ratanpur school is the school I attended. He was the Bengali master of that school. Why would he be a thief?

You play, don't get me wrong. How is Master Maiya a thief? This Maiya Amago will finish all the thefts.

Okay mom, I'm coming home next week. Then I will judge Zulekha. Don't worry about it now. And massage that oil on your feet every night. Many times this oil. You don't know, mother, how hard I worked to get this oil. Will massage carefully. Zulekhare say, to heat the oil a little.

Talking to my mother, I cut the phone line. The mood became very bad. Sometimes mother caresses Zulekha and says it. He scolded in front of me. Because it has many faults and errors. However, he never complained to me about Zulekha by phone. Why did you do it today? Why did you call Zulekha a thief today?

I returned to the mess early from the office today. Need to talk to Zulekha. Something bad must have happened at home. I thought to myself, if something bad happens, let me know. The fear inside you is slowly growing. I have always wanted to have a very sweet relationship between my wife and mother.

I have been married to Zulekha for eight months. My three sisters. No brother. I'm the youngest. The sisters got married a long time ago. My father and elder brother-in-law chose me to marry Zulekha. The eldest daughter of Majid Master of Ratanpur School in the next village. Julekha is the eldest of two brothers and one sister. He did not study after passing the metric. Zulekha's father has been paralyzed by a stroke for almost a couple of years. Their family lives on a small piece of land, paddy and pension money. One of Zulekha's two brothers is in class nine and the other is in class four. The world goes on quite a bit. Big brother-in-law said, daughter of a good man. This girl will be good for the world. Moreover, it is very good to see and hear. It is difficult to find such a good girl.

Big brother Dulabhai liked Julekha very much. Dad. I didn't do it anymore. I don't have that much demand. Only if the girl is good. Will be in harmony with parents. I live in the city mess. My wife will stay with my parents as long as my parents live. All in all, Zulekha is pretty good. I didn't do it anymore.

I came to the mess and called Zulekha. I wanted to know what happened?

Zulekha is not saying anything. Crying. Just said, forgive me. You're home, I told you everything.

I want to know again and again what happened to Zulekha. Julekha cries silently. Say nothing. A huge fear inside my chest is making everything restless. I keep counting the days when I go home.

I came home in the middle of the night yesterday. Everything is normal. Zulekha is doing housework with her mind. Azur made hot water for Abba in the morning. Made a two-course cake for me. Amma ate the cake first and called Zulekha fondly. He called and said, O wife, the sweetness of Puli cake has become a little less. My manikto wants to eat a little more sweets. You add a little molasses.

Zulekha has not told me anything yet. I woke up in the morning and went to my mother and sat down. My mother tells me many things but she doesn't say anything about Zulekha. I talk a lot but my mother doesn't open her mouth about this. Besides, I was very happy to see her love for Zulekha, but suddenly I was shocked to see so much change in Amma that day. I will leave tomorrow morning. Now if I don't do something about this, if there is unrest at home again, I will have to spend my time in the city with the same trouble.

I asked Zulekha forcibly. After a long silence, Julekha said, "You listen to Amma."

My fear increased when I heard about Zulekha. This time I went to my mother and asked her directly what happened at home that day.

Mother said, play, even if you don't think about it anymore. You work with the mind. Beta is to keep people's minds right. If the mind is the wrong beta man, there is a lot of loss.

My mother would not let me say anything more. I spent the whole day upset. But Amma, Zulekha is very happy to see everyone smiling. No problem anywhere. On the contrary, I see that my mother used to be a little angry with Zulekha, but now I see that she is caressing me a lot.

My mother called me after Esha prayers at night. Abba has not yet returned from the mosque. I am sitting in front of Amma. Amma is applying pain oil to her ankles. Amma has been silent for a long time. I'm going to say something, so my mother said,

I got married at the age of sixteen. We are two books. One more book and two brothers. The two brothers are younger. Much younger than me. These two brothers were very dear to me. Tahan Abba's business is good. After my beer, the business slowly went downhill. Even though my father was in the midst of a little tension in the family, no mercy was being sought.

My two brothers used to come to this house as soon as the school was closed. Good and bad cooking in my family. The two brothers are very happy to cook something good. Tomago little mamarato food would not need any more body. I know that in our family, there is no such thing as eating at home. Tomorrow the fair is going bad on the day of Abba Payasapati. Where can I get good food?

If there was some good or bad cooking in my house, I would be very interested in my brothers and sisters. At one time we all ate a lot of siblings. Khasir meat is very dear to Abba. When the meat was cooked, my father used to eat rice. On that day, my mother used to cook more rice.

After the beer, when I cooked this home-made khasi meat, my manda would go bad. I remember my father very well. Sometimes I would send some meat to your little uncle for Dad. Dad was happy to get that meat.

Amma became aware of the words. Her eyes are watering. I know he's having a hard time saying the words. Maybe she's crying a lot. I don't say anything. Amma is silent for a while. I don't know why my mother is telling me all this. I wondered if my mother had suffered for some reason. Did Julekha do anything like that with Amma?

It seemed that Amma wiped away the tears. I am having a hard time seeing Amma's tears. Amma hurriedly cried and said, Bajan Julekha Maiyata is very good. Play very well, very well.

I said what happened mother?

Mother said, the mistake is my father. The condition of Zulekha's father's house is very bad. The younger brothers are having a hard time eating. I know all this. There was no good paddy harvest this season. I hear that Zulekha's father is ill. I haven't eaten properly for several days. I saw Zulekha's younger brother Aisa standing on the north bank of the house every two days. Leave Pula. I think Boilya wants to see Boiner. Damn it, I called home. One day, Dehi Julekha is hiding rice in a boy. Do I know the news of the world? I was very angry. Wife man. It is very unjust to send things to father's house by hiding things. I hate wrongdoing. I dislike it. I was very angry. I called you. I talked nonsense. It's not right to play. I know that it was not right to hide in my father's house without telling Julekha. I wouldn't do it if you told me. Even then, it is not right for me to play Emun. Everyone will do the same if they know that the younger brothers are not eating. I know that my two brothers would go to my house to eat Aisya. This is what I used to cook for my father. My heart would be filled with joy when I heard that my father had eaten some meat.

After calling you, Julekha is telling me everything. I am very ashamed to hear about Boutar, father. The girl apologized to me. I'm sorry to hear that. My body is not my fault. Very good Maiya. Julekha is very good Maiya.

I couldn't understand when my eyes were watering when I heard Amma's words. I am in love with Zulekha. Great Maya. My mother saw the tears in my eyes and said, I know you are having trouble with Zulekha. It is better to suffer. This leads to love for the wife. Maya is very much needed in the world. This Maya wife increases the responsibility towards the children.

I'm looking at Amma. My mother handed me a piece of paper. List of markets. Amma said, I have sent some paddy to Zulekha's father's house. Your father knows the matter. The next time you come to the city, you will bring this list to Dhaira Bazaar. You take the market, in fact, we will all go to the house of Mileya Zulekha. On the way I will take the castrated meat from Qasim's shop. That house will be cooked. I will cook in the pot of that house. I know that cooking at home is not very good. If you don't cook, you don't have to go to Zulekha anymore. This time we will all go to Mila. If good cooking is done at home, the mind of Zulekha's brothers will be big. My parents will grow up. They are our relatives. How can I keep a small mind to my relatives? It takes a lot for people to grow up. If Manda is not big, courage will be lost in people. It takes a lot of courage to play. With this courage they will one day become human.

I am sitting in the yard of Zulekha's house. Cooking is being done. Cooking in a huge pan. Zulekha is running back and forth once. Zulekha happily hides inside the house from time to time and cries. Coming out again crying a little. I can understand by looking at Zulekha's eyes. Zulekha is forcibly feeding juice to the paralyzed father with one hand. He doesn't want to eat. Even then Zulekha will eat. This juice I brought from the city. Mango juice.

I have never seen Zulekha so happy before. How restless the girl became. Amma showed it to Zulekha and told me, you can see how good Bajan Maiyata is. Even if I'm not a bachelor, you will do your duty. It is your responsibility. Zulekha's father and mother have a right over you. You have to fulfill this right. You will do as much as you can.

At night I am sitting in the yard. A batabi lemon tree in the corner of the yard. Huge big. I have never seen such a big Batabi lemon tree before. This place is a little dark. The light of Jochna melts the leaves of Batabi lemon and falls on us a little bit. Zulekha is crying. Zulekha's face can be seen in the moonlight. I know Zulekha's tears are happy. Parents, happy to see younger brothers stay a little better. Day by day, the grief for these people is floating in the stream of tears. .

I grabbed Zulekha's hand and said, I will never forget this receipt. As my mother did not forget. It is very important to remember one's past in order to be a real person. Today you are a wife and the wife of a family. One day you will love whoever finds this place in your place. Remember that was your place one day. You will see that this love will never end. Loving him means you love yourself. Love for yourself never fails.

--- At the end of the day

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Written by   63
2 years ago
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great you a great writer my dear friend

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2 years ago