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Who is your real friend?

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9 months ago

Good morning everyone. Hope all of you are fine. After a long time I am here with a new story from my life experience. So let's start....

Friendship is a fun relationship. Friendship, like all other relationships, has no material responsibility. Like many other relationships, friendship has no legal or family obligations. The whole mind agrees. That match can be different. That's why friends are different.

Some friendships come from similar interests or hobbies. Two very cricket-loving people can be friends, even if they have nothing in common, or if they do not know it. One such friend of mine is Sajal. His deep interest in the mountains. Mine too Of course in interest-meter he is several degrees higher than me. Where my hobby is going to the mountains, his job is to climb mountains. I heard the story of the mountain from him. Listen to the stories of mountaineers. She enjoys seeing my interest, she enjoys telling me stories. This is the foundation of our friendship. I don't know anything special about each other. I don't even feel the need to know. The love of the mountains is enough for our friendship.

There is no match of experience or interest; But there is a spiritual tension somewhere. That can also lead to deeper friendships. In university-life in America I was introduced to Gina. While at the university, they may have chatted with each other only a few times. We never stayed in one place after university. Didn't show up. But the friendship has survived year after year. Communication has been lost several times, then somehow we have found one another. Our lives are different in almost all cases. Interest, religion, caste, experience. Then the friendship is intact. An in-depth discussion of each other's sorrows, hopes and aspirations. At the end of the discussion, the communication may be cut off for months and months. In-depth discussion again. Deep curiosity. Deep friendship

Then let's talk about my brother Farooq. There are some similarities between the two of us from the place of interest. However, the basis of our friendship is to find places of disagreement with each other and to stab each other about it and in most cases to have a terrible kind of argument. For some reason, the friendship became stronger. One grows affection for the other.

Spending a lot of time together, sharing a lot of experiences is probably the most common reason for friendship. Atif is one of my closest friends from college life. After college, if I stay in one city, I spend more time with him. Listening to music, watching games, chatting, discussing love and women-related complexities in life, and everything else we have is our friendship. Everyone in Atif's family has become like my family. My family members do the same to Atif.

Atif, Sajal, Farooq Bhai, Gina — my friendship with everyone is unforgettable and sweet. But the source of friendship is the field and the reason but there is no similarity. The mill is just in one place. They are no longer with me. Gone. I lost them from this world.

We are often in conflict with friends. Which is the real friendship, who is the real friend? We seem to think a little more about this. What I said at the beginning of this writing. The great thing about friendship is that there is no obligation in friendship. That's why I think there is less need for rules about friendship. If we can give pure joy to each other, if the relationship makes us feel good about life, then we are friends. If that friendship can be maintained while maintaining mutual respect, then the relationship is bound to deepen.

You shouldn't expect too much from friends. The friend who stands by knowing that he will be in danger is an exceptional friend.

It is normal to have such a friend in life.

In the year 2017, I have faced some obstacles in my personal life. I am tackling that obstacle and I will. Must do. There is no way to stop it. But I have come to realize the value of repeated friendships in difficult times.

Whatever the reason for the friendship, it did not affect their ability to stand by their side. People who have been friends at different times of life, for different reasons, have all helped me with the same determination and I believe they will in the future too.

I don't want to make myself big by talking to some of them or make small ones whose names I have forgotten. I want to give love and respect to those who are there, remembering the friends who are gone.

Not to mention another thing. Some relationships may not fall within the definition of common friendship. That relationship can be a relationship of extraordinary friendship. The friendship that I have got from my parents and sisters in my own life has made my life very beautiful. The friendly treatment I received from my family made my life sweeter. Maybe it's wrong to look for a definition of friendship. Instead, we find new friends and keep up with old ones.

Thanks all for reading this.

Have a nice da❤❤❤

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Written by   447
9 months ago
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