Please forget me

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When I'm dead and long gone,

Think of me, forget me.

He said this to her new girlfriend.

Hoping for good time till the end.

He laughed and he smiled,

Nodding his head all the while.

"When I'm dead and long gone,

Sing for me, forget me not."

He spoke this to his wife.

Wishing for luck to come their way.

He nodded his head and kissed his lips,

Loving each and every moment like this.

"When I'm dead and long gone,

Laugh with me, forget me not."

He whispered this to the new father,

Watching him hold their new little daughter.

With tear of joy in his chocolate brown eyes,

He kissed her soundly, smiling bright.

Dance for me, forget me not.

He said to her, both old in age,

Celebrating their grandson's birthday today.

He took her lovingly into his arms,

Humming whilst keeping her safe and warm.

Always remember, forget me not.

He said to her, lying sick in bed,

A heavy fever upon his head.

She laid down beside him, holding his hand,

Praying for a healing touch to land.

But, on that Sunday, in late May,

He was there... lying as if in sleep.

She stood there, caressing his cheek in dismay,

Wanting him back in her arms, gentle and sweet.

And, knowing she wouldn't come back, she knelt down,

Her head positioned in a bow...

"You may be dead and soon to be long gone,

But I'll see you there, I've forgotten you not."

Since those words, the years have flown by,

The sun and clouds still grace the sky.

In the field of lilacs, where they buried her,

Another stone sits beside the other.

Linked by a chain made of flowers,

Those that were picked by their daughter,

A single verse stands out as if on an alter...

"When I'm dead and long gone,

Think of me, forget me not."

To this day, the words shine in the sun.

Glittering rapidly as though the couple were having fun.

You'll notice something else if you look.

Pretty little flowers kept within the nook.

There are no lilies or roses in this spot

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That was a beautiful poem. What is the inspiration behind this, my friend?

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