Is cramming good?

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Whether it’s a busy schedule or a school test, cramming is the last-minute go-to approach for all. It is quite surprising as what we were not able to learn the whole year, we manage to pack it in a day. More unexpected is that shortly after the completion of the job, we even did not remember a single word. Then does it worth cramming!

It affects our productivity

Cramming does more harm than benefit in preparing exam papers. Studying for lengthy hours and cramming texts can be uninteresting and frustrating for students. Students spend hours memorizing as much stuff as possible in a short time. This behavior doesn’t vanish and even after becoming working professionals, people stay up all night and cram their assignments and business tasks. They could state that they are working hard but it actually makes them least effective in their works. People miss a learning opportunity by simply temporarily memorizing everything for a good grade.


Burdens our short-term memory

The matter memorized in haste is kept in the short-term memory of our brain. It is accessible for a brief period. It doesn’t generate enduring neuronal connections to the brain. You might have heard students that we don’t remember what we studied in our early classes or others expressing that they don’t remember the points of the last meeting said by themselves. This arises because memorization through cramming is readily forgotten. It also puts pressure on the brain that could induce anxiety, depression, or damage to the brain cells.


It is Unhealthy

Obviously, staying up late or investing more of your time in only cramming is going to leave you fatigued on and before your d-day. It develops apathy towards job and you will more likely to stay away from the works. As the health of the body is vital, similarly we need to take care of the health of our brains.

Stop mugging-up stuff and start grasping the concepts. Employ brain science approaches that can help you in memorizing the information with logic and the appropriate understanding. It will minimize your study time to more than half. It will allow you to have some spare time to enjoy life without a lingering burden of responsibilities and assignments.

Cramming places too much stress upon the brain. When the brain is forced to overwork, it raises sensations of worry, frustration, fatigue and even confusion. It results in elevated stress levels.

Studies are necessary but that is just not enough.. Being a bookworm wont make you a successful person.

Hope it adds a "+" to your life.

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