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5 months ago

If it's good with everyone, why not with me?

Sometimes when you see a lot of people do not want to be jealous? I do not think I'm doing so well, why I do not get it? Why is my forehead like that?

Listen, violence can come l It is more or less remembered by everyone, in fact it is more regret than jealousy l It is another trending form of jealousy.

Basically you think someone is going to snatch yours? Taking your money? Is your business taking clients? Makes more income than you? Going around with more husbands than you?

No, Grandpa / Grandma .... Basically, whoever is going ahead with Rizik, if something is determined for you, then no Jadu Madhu Kadu will be able to enjoy your Rizik l full and final.

In fact, the more you see other people's things, the more you will pray for them, and the happier you will be, the more you will pray for that person.

What is that again?

One. In your jealousy your good deeds will give him, but when you are praying, you will see the disease in the qumiu jealousy of the mind coming to zero.

This means that your period is not going to him to come to your jealousy l You will also get emotional relief from the suffering of jealousy l

The second virtue. When you constantly pray for the person, the angels will pray for you. May Allah see the good in you as well. May Allah see what you are trying with your heart. As a result, you will see that many good things will come to you.


Telling a glaring truth today

I cook very good beef and after cooking I have picked it up for my daughter's lord's iftar.

Then when I gave it to you today, it was covered with a water bottle in front of your eyes. Didn't notice, but that was with the lord's hand

Do you know why he could not eat? Riji was not there

Later, I requested my lord to eat at night. My lord did not tell me that he would not eat today.

So run after Rizik's owner, not after the people, and don't be jealous of the good of others. The loss is yours.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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Jealousy can sometimes be addictive if we are not usually contented with what we have and that can be dangerous for both us and the person or people we are jealous of

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5 months ago

One aspect of life loss or change is violence. This plays a part in the deadly life. Which turns the good and bad aspects of life.

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5 months ago