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Death certificate "

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5 months ago

Life is alive as long as there is life in the body,

And when the last letter in the name of death comes, put your dead body in the grave,

You are now the partner of the environment, because there is life.

But only death can make you a certain traveler named Kabar

Today, in this fleeting time of life, I see so many big dreams about myself, about my family, about my loved ones.

On the other hand, some people do not have any big dream, China wealth, resources, power, money, money, only want to live in a healthy way, until the last day of the life of a cancer patient, the only dream that we can live a few more days.

Some of us are healthy, we have healthy families, we don't have physical or mental disabilities, most of all we are still alive, we don't consider it a valuable resource of life.

Hundreds of people lie in hospital beds praying for more than a day to live, want time to take something to the last address of life, join hands with Allah to correct the mistakes, but time is of the essence as much as luck has come Do not give more than one second

My life is not mine, nothing is mine, everything I have is a gift from God, yet we selfish people are not happy with this precious life Can't be found back, one of the greatest blessings of survival is when I taste death.

We all know the truth, we also know where our last address is.

Maybe one day I will have to face the truth of all of you but in some time the right knowledge will come and in another time it will come at an inopportune time when the tears of two eyes will not be of any use anymore. If there is a small amount of time in the world which is a thousand times more precious gem for your grave, then your eternal life will be more peace, peace is better than happiness, no matter how dark it may be, your good deeds will bring darkness and light of peace. .

If more happiness of the world destroys the peace of my grave life then I do not want that happiness O Allah make us a traveler on such a benevolent path where the happiness of the world does not fall into the illusion of peace in the grave Ra tan can stand in the line of believers with some deeds

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally and emotionally, we are still struggling to make ends meet. Everything I did today seems to be unnecessary. It seems that if those times are used properly, the scale of peace in the last life may be a bit heavy ...

But today I am a little bit happy, I feel very light, because now I don't think I am happy if I have money in my life, if I am a doctor, engineer, government employee, he is a big man, if he looks beautiful, he is expensive to everyone ... car, house, gold, If there is, he is rich.

I believe I am living a healthy life so I am happy, I realized my mistakes I had the opportunity to raise my hand and pray for forgiveness This is my peace, the most precious gift of my life My mother, father is still by my side, I am alive Even if I don't have a house or gold, I have the love and blessings of my father and mother, so I consider myself rich.

I don't know if this is my last letter but I believe maybe one day I too will go to my last address.

Because no matter what I do in this life, there is no benefit.

So today I am thanking my Lord that what I have got in this life is so much more valuable, Alhamdulillah for everything I have

If I survive, I will use my precious time to try to be his beloved servant. InshaAllah

And if this time is limited for me, I pray that my work may be of benefit to the last address.

This is the last letter of life, no matter what we do, no matter how different it may be, at the end of the day we are all on the same path.

No matter how much there is disagreement, no quarrel, no division, but one day everyone will have to leave everything on the way to that last address called death.

May Allah guide us to understand the right time.

If you understand the right time and do something for the last address, then that time will be a good time to leave this world. May Allah accept this prayer.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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