Sometimes joke is not funny at all.

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I remember a story, I just forgot where did I read it. But it really can't be erased in my mind. I will just write a story from what I had still remember. This one really hurts and yeah, sometimes joke is not funny at all, it depends with hat kind of joke you pull through.

Ally is my name. I am now here in our classroom. It's just I can't relax and I felt my heart pumping so fast. I can't even breath properly.

I put my phone in my arm chair and went outside of our room to breath fresh air. I can't relax. It started when my Ate texted me that Mom is not in good condition. Her condition is getting worst. It's only one year and a half that she can't talk and even move a muscle. My mom is sick, she was diagnosed for diabetic decease. And this early morning she was run into the hospital, again. My Ate told me that she'll text or call me for update that's why I can't relax while looking at my phone. Upon remembering the phone, I hurriedly went back inside the classroom. I realized that I left my phone in my armchair. I went inside and walk towards my chair but I didn't saw my phone in my armchair.

"W-where's my phone?" I felt numb and look to everyone inside. I am trembleng.

"W-who took my phone?" They just I move their head and shrugged, telling me that they didn't know. Some of them were smirking.

"What? Guys, please give back my phone!" I shouted at them but they just all laugh at me.

"Nathan, were you the one who took my phone?" I asked him cause he's the one who loves to bully me.

"Of course not!"




"Why me?"

"Guys, please I don't want to play with you this time. I need my phone back." O pleaded them.

They just looked at me. I went to my chair and cried. My Mom, what's happening to Mom now. I don't know what's happening to her now. I want to know. I want to know. I can't breath.

"Ahh, Alliya! Ally. Here's your phone. We're sorry."

I looked who was talking and handling me the phone. I saw Janina. I looked at her intently and I know she knew that I am mad at her. I get the phone from her with force. I didn't mind if she got hurt.

"I didn't mean to get your phone, it's just that they---"

"Stop, I don't need your explanation!" I shout at her. I was mad because of what they did. I am in an urgent situation. My Mom.

"I'm sorry. By the way, Ally. You're phone was vibrating awhile ago. I am sorry again." She then bow her head and went back to her chair. She's also a shy girl. I know, it's not intention, she maybe also was afraid with our classmates.

I remembered what she said that my phone was vibrating awhile ago. I look to my phone and I saw lots of text messages of my Ate.

From Ate Allyna:

Alliya! Mama wants to see you.

From Ate Allyna:

Iya! Answer my call. It's Mom. Huhuhu.

From Ate Allyna:

Alliya! Iya! I know your class doesn't starting yet so please answer my call. Mama want to see you NOW!"

From Ate Allyna:

I-Iya! Huhuhu, M-Mom'gone now. Uou didn't gave her, her last wish. Where were you, why didn't you answer my calls? She's gone. She already left us. First it was Dad, now it's Mom. They're gone, they left us and yet you didn't mind me. Iya, she wants to see you. Your name was she's been calling until her last breath. Why Iya? Why didn't you answer my call. I don't know what to do. I don't know.

When I read my Ate Allyna's messages and her missed calls, I felt like time stopped. I am just staring at my phone. A few seconds, I can't stop my self to cry our loud. I felt my classmates stare at me. Hey maybe wondering why I am like this.

"It's all your fault! It's all your fault!" I shouted at them.

"Because of your nonsense joke and trippings, I didn't able to see my Mom before she died. I should have seen her alive. It's all your fault!" They was shocked when I shouted at them while blaming them why I didn't saw my Mom.

"What happen Ally?"

"A-are you okay, Ally?"

"We're sorry. We didn't mean to. We didn't know."

"My Mom now was gone. She's gone! She's gone! I didn't even gave her her last wish and that is to see me because of you. Because of you, all of you. You're games and jokes we're not funny anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. I didn't know Mom was looking at me because all fo you hide my phone. You hide my phone. My Mom. My Mom, she's gone!"



There are times that jokes were not funny at all. Like, some people thought it was funny but for you it was not. They didn't think that they might hurt you because of their doings.

Prank and games of other people we're not all funny. Maybe they're enjoying it but some don't.

I was also prank before. I was being tripped and they tell me words they thought was funny. Jokes that turns bad. Jokes that turn into quarrel. My cousin was making joke of me. Her joke is not funny at all. Until I can't control my self so I also joked aroun and then she got mad. You see, you like to joke around but if your were the one who's been joked, you don't like it and you got mad.

A person should know when to do pranks or joke, cause not all people or not all the time, joke is in good timing. Always remember that there were lots of consequences that joke me bring.

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