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Online Earnings is possible as far you know yourself.

In this day of our life where there is a dangerous pandemic that lurking around which destroy mostly all of our traditional way of living even a simple family gathering for reunion is not possible be done and some of relatives and us also has been lost a job due to the fact that some industry and establishment was closed down.

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Some of area where the pandemic was spread is closing down for lockdown purpose to stop to spread more. The sad things most of this area is where the industry of our work relied on to survive that's why its over million or billion of people over the world lost there job due to this deadly pandemic we experience right now.

How about you? are you still working or you're one of those unfortunate million people lose there job or means of living on this age of pandemic.

Well Don't lose hope since our era had offering you a way to earn some career that you could walk on with out facing the danger of this pandemic. Our Era of this day where digital and internet is already bloom there is some career you could pick to stand again.

Let discuss it here and let me simply guide you on your new possible career. I hope it could help you a little to stand back again.

First thing you need to do is assess your self to know what your good for and not. also know this following

  • Ability - Of course before we look a job online we must start to know first our own ability where we good at so we could know the career that was suitable to us to bloom which where we could shine for and take most advantages to do much more productive way since it suits us and we are good on it.

  • Limit - Well some career online must need a massive dedication of time and sometimes its needs a fund to proceed which of ourse could hit our limit so before we choose the career we must first know our own limit by asking ourselves this question below

1.How much time can I dedicate for this?

2.Is the timeline of this career possible for me?

3.Is this career suitable for me and my family? can I handle it

without sacrificing the time for my family?

4. what is the limit of my finance that is possible for me to

proceed with out sacrificing the needs of my family.

  • Knowledge - well this is most important at all to know you must have this on the career your trying to do. having enough knowledge on your chosen career is a must to proceed without enough knowledge on it is like cross boarding on the country that you didn't even know how to communicate since you don't know there language so from the start it will be already a failure.

  • Enjoyment - since you already going to do something well you must already know if you could enjoy or not since its already one of the factor you need to have to be successful due to the fact having a stress about it could bring you unproductive result. Enjoying on what you are doing was well productive which could level up your career more profitable and gain more result.

Some List of Online Career you could possible to choose


is a type of career where you advertise some product or service of company. advertising right now is already all over here online where some company is looking for a way to advertise there product. blogging is one of the way of those company to do that advertising its also a way for them to introduce there service and product.

Two Types of Blogging

  • Blogger - a type of blog work through writing a content about the detail of the product or service of the company that hired you. before this is only use to express your thoughts for something through a diary style which eventually become a career after some company discover to support those blogger that expressing there product on there blog which become a trend inside of this industry. Some of company product become much more popular due to this fact of trending express which most of titled company compete to each other already using this blogging industry its much more effective to blog than to do a commercial where the company can get some reaction through blog about there product and service which is a way for them to improve the faults of it by collecting enough data through this reaction.

  • Vlogger - a type of blogging work through posting a content video about the detail of the product or service of the company. this much popular way of blogging right now due to the fact of it much fun and easy to understand the product or service of the company you want to know though watching a video about it. it dissenting detail one but it much easier one to understand since you see on your eyes how it could works. Also most of teenager is hook by this industry is about 98.9% over the world was used to watch YouTube, facebook, and tiktok.


Is a type of career online which is blooming right now due to the fact that is the most risk but most profitable career online since trading is an economical way of living.

why is trade risked?

  • it consume a lot of time and finance which could be possible lost due to a wrongdoing.

  • must need a proper knowledge with out it you could lost everything in just one little actions

  • its like a gamble there is no 100% assurance to get profit.

why is it profitable?

  • it can double or triple your investment

  • a proper knowledge about the product you try to trade could give you enough growth of assets while consuming your little time.

Two Categories of trade

International Trade - a trade where you do import,export, or entrepot

  • Import - is type of international trade that importing or buying a product from another country to sell it in your country

  • Export - is type of international trade that exporting product where you are selling your product outside of your country.

  • Entrepot - is type of international trade where you import a raw materials from other country then export the result product to other country.

Domestic Trade - a trade that solely trade inside your country where you do a wholesale or retail.

Wholesale - a trade where you buy tons of product then distribute it by retail

Retail - a trade where you sell 1 piece of product

Different method of Trading

  • Fundamental trading - is a method of trader where it is fundamental base which the trader decide to buy on the right base on the fundamental data that he or she collect and analyzed and hold the assets to sell on the right time base on his/her result of analyzed data. This is much more the basics method of trade but mostly most effective get result or profit on trade.

  • Scalping trading - is method of trader where the trader doing a multiple trade on a day. its type of method where it is short term only mostly it was done by minutes but the profit is little one that's why it was done multiple times a day to make it much profitable.

  • Momentum trading - is a method of trader where the trader is mostly focus in a momentum of stocks assets that significantly doing direct in one direction at the moment. A trade base on Momentum.

  • Technical trading - is a method of trader where its technical which all the traders is mostly relying and analyzing on the chart and graph of the market data. They basically do a massive and significantly investigation and analyzing the data of history market attitude to do a prediction where there action will be direct like decoding if they gonna buy more and stock more or should they already to sell it.

  • Swing Trading - unlike momentum and scalping this method is like the upgrade of the two methods but it was a long term instead a short term which is longer than a day it mostly done for week or month.

Before you proceed in this career of trader you must first know some guidelines on it which you can study in following academy

  • Shaw Academy

  • Forex Academy

  • IBM

  • and some academy that offer a trade knowledge through there apps guide

Also here are some little guidelines for you to know in choosing a platform where you do your career of trading

  • Reputation - you must check the reputation of the exchanges or the platform that you use to do trade if its had enough reputation on this industry since the higher rates of reputation of the platform you choose is the higher rates of productivity of your future trades since it well known. means there is a wide selection of trade you can do on it since it had reputation.

  • Trading Fees - is one of the factor you must need to list on doing trade the lower fees you pay the better for your trade since there is sometimes the trade had lower profit. you can't successful gain profit if the fees in trade is higher than your trade profit.

  • Deposit Method - well of course its impossible for you to find your trade if the available deposit method on the platform is not accessible for you.

  • Geo Restriction - you must need to check first the platform if its legal or illegal in your country since there some platform that was banned in specific place.

  • Available trading pairs - well it was one of the most important aspect in trader is to know the trade pair availability since you can gain a profit in just particular pair only.

  • Liquidity - the lower liquidation limit of the platform is the worst case for you. it will limit your choice and succession of doing trade.

  • Security - the more secured of your account is the better. higher security of the platform is protecting you to be lost fund in funny way of hacking.

A simple guide for you to choose your product in trading

Volatility - this is the aspect for those product was chosen by trader who wants to gain fast profit mostly product that had high volatility is in crypto currency category.

Popularity - this aspect is well the most important to the product you must chose since it can gain momentum for your product if it had.

Volumes - this aspect is some reason why the product having a high price or low price.

Origin - well you must look on the origin of the product if its fully backs and supported by or not since it could be gone if its not.

3 types of strategies you could do in trade

Basic Trade - You buy in low price hold it and sell it in high price

Advance Trade - is type of strategies where mostly advance mostly platform offer this type of exchanges mostly above information of method is here.

Arbitrage Trade - this type of strategies is mostly done by taking advantages of different price of different platform(mostly used in crypto exchanges)

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