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2 years ago

It's more fun in the Philippines

Have you ever been to other country? If you have to choose are you choosing Philippines as your mother country?

Got hired as ofw in taiwan, feeling happy its one of my dream to work outside philippines, as I started my journey, comparison is really there, taiwan people is well disciplined than filipinos, in terms of law, they really obey, sometimes the ofw's are the violator, you cannot see any beggar in taiwan, coz even they are old they are still working, trash is segregated properly, its every household responsibility, when the trash truck came they know when to put thier garbage, in termsof traffic, you can say wow no traffic at all no toll gates. Foods are healthy too, taiwanese respect ofws belief, but despite the good traits and environment in taiwan you will still miss your origin and that's Philippines.

Thanks for the 3wonderful years working in taiwan, but Philippines is the best!

Happy reading!

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