Stop fighting religious battle~Peace

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2 years ago
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Salam to Muslim friends and Hi to non muslims.

Hope you guys are fine.

Yesterday I read a post of @Bill whites where he was telling his story that how he was robered and his friend saved him.

One of Muslim fellow commented on that post that Allah Almighty saved you. @Bill whites then replied that it was my friend who saved me but not Allah because he is not a muslim and don't beleive in it.

Our muslim fellows were angry and started to abuse him.

As a Muslim i know how it feels when someone hurt your beliefs but guys take a minute and think, he is non muslim fellow so how can you expect that he should belief in Allah.

He has its own beliefs so he said that his friend saved him because he don't believe in Allah, so what's wrong in it?

What if someone say a musilm fellow that you are alive because of jesus , will you agree on his statement??? Nooo na!!!!

So I think there is no need to be aggressive.

Our Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) beared many harsh words but did he hurt someone? Did he use abusive language for someone? Did he force someone to believe in his beliefs???

Islam is the religion of peace so please don't put negative impression of Islam by this childhood act.

I tried to calm my muslim friends in comment section but I got massive downvotes from my Muslim fellows which is very disappointing for me.

Have a look .

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