The Push Back against Blacks

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3 years ago

Black Lives Matter.

Reading this, just as words we have to agree, in context though, everyone matters. Race isn't a factor, if it is...then you're a racist.

The Agenda of this movement is not to aid Blacks to become better or to aid them in any way.

This is a Socialist/Communist plot to turn America.

This will be felt for Generations, blacks will suffer. All other races will omit Blacks from their businesses via "Private Clubs". Where you can deny anyone entry for any, or No, reason.

The Companies that supported BLM will suffer as well, many whites and Latinos who are angry about this whole destroy cities policy will deny blacks in any way possible.

Racist, yes, it is....Very much so, but it doesn't change the path people will take when they feel a vendetta is due, or there has been an unfair distribution of any kind.

This is the exact cause BLM claims, or claimed.

9 Blacks were killed by police in 2019, while I know there is a problem with police being criminals, and we don't prosecute them in the same way, this must change, post haste.

It doesn't justify the acts or actions of Antifa and BLM.

Blacks are being used as the scapegoat for Marxists...who, themselves Hate Black People.

In the end this will be much worse for blacks going forward. Blacks are 13% of the population, USA. Race War ends them and is not likely.

However the War of attrition will be Very challenging for blacks as they increasingly get banned or denied access to businesses they need.

This will cause an implosion of minority owned businesses as whites will also refuse to do business where it's black owned.

Meanwhile, the Marxists can sit back and laugh as they're destroying a people, they hate, by proxy.

The Push Back will last for generations.

I am Jay, find me on, @AcidBrainWash...Read ya there.

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3 years ago