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Cropbytes: Is its a good investment game? can we get profit from if ? or do we need patient?

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11 months ago
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we all know that any blockchain and related crypto game need some investment if we really want to earn profit from it. Its like a betting where gamers bet for certain task and paid for it with profit if the task/mission is success or sadly lost the bet if not succeed. and this is where many new blockchain/ crypto gamers are fade up of. It isn't like a normal video game where a gamer can restart the mission automatically once they signup or install the game.

But in blockchain gaming if you really want to earn from it you need to invest on it, but at your all financial capacity and after a thorough research about the game. Similarly Cropbytes is just like a blockchain NFT gaming but not a 100% blockchain game which is based on virtual world of farming.

I came across this game few days ago and am really addicted to this game. So here my experience and knowledge regarding cropbytes. What makes me so addicted? how to join the game? how to start playing? is this really profitable? what do you earn while playing this game? lets dive into all this question one by one.

what is Cropbytes?

Cropbytes is not a 100% blockchain game but a crypto game based on the virtual farming world where gamers can grow their virtual farming asset and trade them to earn tron. here the trading partner for any tradable assets is being paired with tron since the game is planning to launch its full blockchain under the tron network. besides their Dapps is still under development.

In Cropbytes a users/gamer own certain virtual farming assets such as cow, bull, goat, hen, apple tree, lake, certain crops like corn, carrots etc.

Besides there are also certain rare NFT assets available where gamers can buy them and increase their yield output. Users can buy NFT by trading their daily extract .

The basic blueprint in Cropbytes very simple and easy users have to buy the virtual assets from the market, grow and feed them, collect the daily yield/extract and trade them in their in game market for crypto as simple as that. So the more the assets the more the yield and the more the profit.

How can i join the game?

Just like other crypto game users need to signup from their website using their email and create a username and password or or download their app from play store and apple store( android/IOs). and more importantly new users need to enter a referral code in order to get extra free assets after signup. Here is mine "612C89".

In my case as i signup using a friend referral code i got an extra goat after completing certain daily task.

They offer a referral reward up to 500 trx worth of assets. But users after joining need to do certain farming task like feeding, watering, collecting animal extract etc in order to unlock the referral rewards.

However users need to unlock their referral reward within 30 days of getting the referral . so instead of buying assets from the market referral reward is one best way to get some assets for free and increase the farming output.

Strategies in playing the game.

Even though its sound easy to play Cropbytes what is important in the game is how to earn profit from the game after investing on it. And this is the most difficult part of the game for every new gamers. Many lack experience on managing the daily profit/loss calculation of their assets. People invest and after few days they gave up since they cannot manage their farming portfolios.

Free trail for 7days

At the start of the game users are given free trial assets for 7 days such as 1 cow, 1 goat , a hen and a 1 x 1 cropland with other essential items like corn feed, water, corn seeds etc.

This is just to learn how to play the we need to sow seed on the cropland and water it every day in order to harvest crop and convert it into animal feed instead of buying from the market.

Similarly we need to feed those harvest crop to the animal and give them water in order to get daily extract like milk or egg and trade them in the market for crypto.

The free trial assets will be lost once it complete its expire dates but the extract we got can be still used for future feeding of the animals.

Buying the package

The next thing in order to start a fulltime farming is to buy certain farming package. First users need to deposit trx into their cropbyte account by going to the "fund" section and copy past the trx address. Cropbytes offer three package small package, medium package and large package.

1) Small package includes Small Crop Land,P1 Hen, Corn Seeds and Water and is worth 299 trx

2) Medium package includes Small Crop Land, Apple tree, P1 Hen, P1 Goat, corn seed and water and is worth 499 trx.

3) Large package includes Small Crop Land, Apple tree, small well, P1 Hen, P1 Goat, P1 cow , corn seed and water and is worth 899 trx.

As per my experience people are advice to begin farming by buying the large pack because it include all the essential daily item for a farming community. Besides this there are many other assets available in the market.

How to plot strategies for a profitable farming

Profit is what a farmer need from their farm . so in order to achieve this a farmer need to mainly a daily profit/lost and input/output balance sheet or database.

I am sharing my strategy for this game.

Firstly in order to cultivate and harvest crops and produce animal extract we need to check what daily items do we need and calculate how much of the item do we need daily and put them all put them all in stock. i consider myself this an important part of the game as it will decide how much i will invest and how much i will profit from my investment. hence i calculate on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So corn feed, fruit feed, corn seed and water happens to be the daily essential for my farm in order to produce my daily extract and keep my animal healthy. Here is the daily essential items and the daily extract produced for my farm and will be the same for all other users.

Since i have already unlock one P1 goat i have 2 P1 goat. According to the chart daily i need 8 water, 12Cof, 1 corn seed for every days and for every Sunday i need 4 ff instead of Cof since animal eat ff only on Sunday.

Weekly i need 56 water, 72 cof, 4 ff and 7 corn seed

Monthly i need 240 water, 312 cof, 16 ff and 30 corn seed

Here is my calculation

Since apple tree require 5 water every 2.5 days there will be about 10 water require for every week and about 40 water require every month so total water requirement for a month is about 280. But my well produces 10 water per day hence 300 water per month so i can easy manage my water every month and no need to buy extra from market

My apple tree produce 3 apple fruit every 2.5 days . Hence in a week it can produce 6 apple and finally in a month it can produce 24 apple. After grinding i can get 24 ff per month . but i need only 16 ff per month which make me a big profit with 8 ff still remain in my stock and i can used it to trade for other assets.

My crop land produced 6 corn everyday hence only 180 corn feed per month after grinding at mill. but i need 312 Cof every month. this the problem for me. so i can easily solve this problem by selling of my remaining extra ff and buying cof using that income. there is a little bit lost on this but i can manage.

Every day i need 1 corn seed to plant my corn crop so in a month i need 30 corn seed. when i buy the pack i already got 50 corn seed and it can last for 50 days since i have only one crop land. After that i can buy more corn seed using the one month profit i made from trading my extract. Its a kind of reinvestment idea.

Hence the thing that will bring more profit is by trading animal extract and by trading some other remaining essential assets

Trading on market

what makes me more addicted and thrill about cropbytes is its beautiful and neatly presented an inbuild exchange platform where users can convert their extract into crypto and get their profit.

In order to trade our animal extract in the market we need to convert it into something called Game coin(GC).

Game coin(GC) is a tradable currency used only in Cropbytes. Another interesting area in Cropbytes is that we can buy few rare NFT using GC from the market and help boost our farming output and increase profit.

Currently GC is paired with trx an 1GC=2.36 trx by the time of writing this article. The GC can then be traded through the in game exchange. so the more extracts we get the more GC we have and hence the more the profit.

Final conclusion

Cropbytes is a long term investment game. So as far as i experience in cropbytes the only thing that will bring us profit is to referrer more friend and unlock more assets which will bring some passive income like well, crop land. trees, lake, windmill to sell power etc, feed animals daily and collect daily extract and convert it into Game coin(GC) and trade it to crypto.

This is quite a long term process and will not make you rich and bring profit in a day. But yes, patient is key to success. we need to be patient and also mainly a daily healthy database of our assets as mention before. so that we can make up our lost timely. only patient and timely monitoring of the farm will bring succes in this game.with all this cropbytes has a very bright future ahead and we can make a big profit from this game in days to come.

Here is my referral code if you like then you can join the game using my referral and we both can get free asset worth about 500 trx "612C89"

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11 months ago
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