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Giving Birth Journey of a First Time Mom

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6 months ago

Part I - Active Labor

I was in my full term pregnancy that time.

It was September 26, 2021 . It all started like there's nothing will happen. In the morning I still went to the market because I was craving for durian fruit. I badly wanted to eat . After that it was around 6PM I cooked leche flan . It was tiring but it all worth it because it is so delicious.

Around 8PM after we take our dinner . I started to felt mild contraction . I told my husband and my mother about it. A minute later I felt like there is something in my undies and it was a sign that I may gave birth soon.

My mother was so nervous so as my husband. My father went to our relative to barrow a vehicle for the transportation going to the hospital.

At first I was not convinced that I may gave birth that soon because I still can handle the pain of contraction. But my mother insisted that it is time to go to the hospital. So, It was 9PM We traveled in the middle of the night going to the Provincial Hospital .

Inside the vehicle I felt pain that can still be managed and pain that I can't handle . I grasp my husbands hair and I was pulling it over and over until the pain subside in a little while.

It was 10PM when we arrived at the hospital 🏥 . We rushed to fill in the information sheet so that I can enter the hospital . It is because of the strict compliance of health protocol due to Covid19 Pandemic.

I entered the hospital and in the instant they assisted me . Get me on my diaper and drawn blood for test . After that, they also made a Swab test to me to make sure that I am Covid free. Then , they measure my dilation . It was already 4 centimeter and it is a sign that I was in the active labor . Anytime I may gave birth.

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