Persistence or Talent?

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Which will you choose?

Persistence or talent?

Do you believe that persistence beats talent or talent should be taken into consideration before persistence.

Maybe it will be much easier if you add persistence to talent. Or can talent survive on it own without persistence?

The right choice to you might not be the right choice for another person even if you choose persistence today, you might choose talent tomorrow. It is normal as we have several factors that influence our decision so whatever factor influences your decision, it might change tomorrow.

I read a book and the illustration used was those that go to gym. Have you observed most of those that go to the gym or wake up early in the morning are those that did not need to go to the gym. Majority of them are fit already but they still go ahead and gym as if they are just building up their muscles while those that are meant to be at the gym keep postponing it everyday.

In conclusion, those that are fit but keep going to the gym understands the fact that, they were made by going to gym and to keep the shape they have to continue or they might lose their body shape within few months if not weeks.

The same is applicable to the rich. Those that are poor are those that does not want to work while those that we all think should be sleeping or resting somewhere are the one putting in all hardwork needed to make more money. Maybe it is true that it is very easy to become rich but staying rich is the major problem. It requires 10x effort of what you did to become rich.

In both scenario, staying fit and staying rich, there is only thing in common which is persistence. If talent also want to last, it should be persistent. It is not enough to have talent, are you persistent about it? Are you doing all you can to stay talented? Are you being busy everyday adding more fire to your talent or are you waiting for the day when you will look inwardly and your talent will be no where to be found?

Persistence is not found in rich and staying fit alone, it should be part of your normal life, if you want to be successful at any thing that you are doing, learn to be persistence. It will save you a lot of stress and frustration. Persistence will help you to keep going even when the result is not certain but even at that, you must be aware of the result that you want. Persistence is not about going hard for a while and settling for whatever the result is, it is about going hard and going hard until you achieve the desired result.

There are many dreams that have been cut short not because they were cut short but because the dreamer lack the motivation to keep going. In short, they are not persistent.

What are the situations when you've nearly given up?

Maybe if you had push a lite harder, you might have gotten the result that you need.

Persistence cannot work alone, it requires will power, discipline, thirst for success, doggedness, drive and urge to always win no matter what.

If you truly desire success, make it your habit to be persistent!!!

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator, I am


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