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Why I Am Not Getting Rewards

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1 year ago

It is about half a month going on I am working here at this platform. I am working very hard. My work is evidence of my engagement.

But I am much disappointed by this platform because before these rules and regulations I was able to earn one dollar per day but now for one month I didn't receive any kind of reward.

My disappointment is to the bot who never visited my posts and work and never appreciated me.

Dear Bot ...... If you are disappointed by my work , please come to my profile you will find quality. If you have entered me in your Blacklist please have an eye on my work.

I am honest person working at this platform. My friends left this platform because you were not rewarding them of their work.

I think distribution of rewards exists in higher level users not for us who are just on the way towards perfection. Please think sometime about me.

Otherwise I have to leave the platform because I haven't much spare time to waste. I make beautiful articles to attract people and I am not rewarded. It is painful for me.

I make posts to guide people. I appreciate them but it is useless till I will get my rewards.

Thank You ...

I will Wait for your action. If you don't reply me. I will consider that I am not worthy gaining rewards and it is better for me to leave this platform and work on any other platform.

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