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Cryptocurrency is something like addiction. It is a virtual system of assets distribution that is affliated with decentralized finance and accounting. Bitcoin BTC is the first major Cryptocurrency of the world. It is due to its unlimited demand and many exchange sites using this as fee. The more market caption, the higher price goes. Circulating supply also hinders the price. Limited circulating supply and liquidity at different major exchanges increases the token price. Let's compare BTC and BCH.

There are two platforms that are offering BCH to the people. These social media platforms are of high population. Especially

It is the social media platform that provides BCH to highly engaged and quality content people. It provides extra earning to those who maintain something new in their content every time. Here people can earn by publishing huge articles related to their interests. Many of the users are getting benefits from this platform. People get tips in the form of BCH (Dollars). The more you quality maintain the more higher appreciation you get from the Bots. Here are bots that appreciate the people.

At this platform , everyone is allowed to share their feelings in the form of shorter posts. This platform offers freetips to the people that are distributed among the users of the platform. Freetips are of very small value and are transferred directly to the holder's wallet that takes no time.

Bitcoin... BTC

It is called the father of all Cryptocurrency. The Etherium ETH is called the mother of all Cryptocurrency. It is because both are the leading currencies and fast transaction methods.

Let's see the advancement and major increase in the price of BTC.

There in March 2020 it was about of 5000 USD. Who could think that it will boom to so much extent.

Here it is 8x increase in the price of BTC. It is still a myth for the users. People are hopeful and saying that it will hit 150k USD at the end of this year.

Bitcoin Cash ... BCH

Let's discuss now the price of BCH that is transparent currency and electronic chash available for us to grab and HODL. It is the fork of Bitcoin. Let's see its updates of price all the time last year and now at present.

The given price is as per 18th March 2020 and let's see the boom in January. It will be great to see.

It is indeed 3x increase in the price of BCH. We are expecting more good thing about it.

Being a noise cash and user,I would like to say that BCH is our love. We are standing with this token because we are expecting much more good things about this currency.

We should do everything to make this currency successful. Some strategies I would like to demonstrate in my post..

  1. We should buy in lower price

  2. We should sell it at higher

  3. We should compare the chart 📉📈 of currencies

  4. We should HODL

  5. We should believe in the currency we hold

  6. We should invest what we have tendency to lose.

Latest Altilly Hack....

It was the greatest problem for the users who were holding BCH in their accounts. We should be aware of the situations. It was not good indeed.

We should stand still. It is my own expensive post based on my own research. You can check this post on my account. If you love my short article please don't forget to follow me.

I hope you will enjoy my tiny articles based on reality of life. My name on is different because it's on my own email and I can't change my name ..

Sweet family here... Stay happy.

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Written by   21
1 year ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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