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Immutability of the soul,

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what is immutability, these is the ability of not being able to be changed, or we can say the state of not being changed. These will lead us to the immutability of the soul, what does this actually mean.

immutability of the soul:

these is the inability of the soul to change at the point of death, at the point of death what ever state the soul is in it remains like that unchanged, inconceivable and immutable.

these will lead us to the saying of Plato which states that: the knowledge of the soul is the only universal truth and the only wisdom, every other wisdom is transient,

Why is the soul immutable:

the soul is immutable at the point of death because it is a spirit, for it is written that the soul cannot be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burn by fire, nor moistened by water nor withered by wind

The soul is immortal, it is a spirit and cannot die, that’s why in the quote Plato said : no knowledge is as important as that of the soul, every other knowledge we have is transient, all other knowledge are what we gain either by reading, teaching or from learning, all these knowledge is nothing compared to the knowledge of our soul.

all those knowledge about how to:

earn money,

build a house,

drive a car and so many more will all perish once the body gives up the ghost, but the only knowledge that will remain is the knowledge of the soul, which is priceless for anything in this world and the only entity that is like God.

having knowledge about the immutability of the soul will help us to have a greater picture and envisaged what God is like, knowing that the soul doesn’t change after death can only tell us about the “immutability of God” Who in all His ways is immutable, in His will, character, nature, and promises. Therefore all other knowledge we acquire through our earthly journey should be taken advantage of for the the salvation of our soul and not the damnation of our soul.

our souls are like wind and at the completion of our life here on earth which will be brought to and end by death, the soul will return back to the immovable mover,(Lord) from Whom it originally came and stand in awe before the Infinite Being (God),

When life ceases to exist there is only one hope, the hope of eternal life, these is the struggle, hope and aspiration of every human on earth. have you ever wondered what life would be like after here?
have you ever thought about the world beyond?
have you ever thought of the afterlife?
All these are lurking questions on our minds, but the truth remains that there is life after here, our actions, character and life portrayed here on earth is what will determine either we will enter into eternal Glory with God or eternal damnation with the devil.

What happens when the soul misses eternal Glory:

when the soul misses eternal glory it has missed its purpose of being created, for God made everything to His image and likeness; in the book of Jeremiah it say: “for I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, plans to bless you and not to curse you” our God is a great God for all He does He did for the purpose of a great Glory to come, but out of our carelessness and disobedience we derail and miss our paths, the path ordained and blessed by God for us.

Remember this:

1. Nothing can be compared to you soul, your soul is priceless, take care of it for it is your life.

2. use your riches and talents to nourish and strengthen your soul spiritually in the Lord.

3. for your soul lives eternal and cannot be destroyed because it is like God who is eternal.

have a blessed Sunday.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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