Strangest human cases!!

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We are all a little weird , some more than others! But throughout history, there have been people whose behavior has led them to be ranked as the strangest people in history.

1. Diogenes, the mad and homeless philosopher

Diogenes was a philosopher who voluntarily gave up his possessions and kept only pieces of cloth to cover his body and a wooden dish to eat. One of his strange behaviors was that he sat at the head of Plato's class, eating loudly to disrupt the lesson and arguing loudly with Plato. He even eats everything he finds on the ground. Diogenes, however, was one of the wisest philosophers. It is said that when Alexander the Great told Diogenes what he wanted to provide for him, Diogenes replied, "Please stay out of my sunshine."

2. Tarareh and eating a toddler

Tarare was a French country boy born in 1772. He was so insatiable from childhood that he even turned to animal feed to be satisfied. He tried to gather people around him and make money by eating non-food items. Until he became a soldier during the French Revolution, and a general named Alexandre de Boehrenis, seeing Tarareh's ability to eat things, used him to eat and transfer military secrets. But Tarareh was captured and eventually returned to the military hospital wounded. His strange appetite made him even eat blood there. Tarareh was even accused of eating a toddler, and of course he never categorically denied such a thing!

3. Dr. Henry Carl

Dr. Henry lived a normal life until 1931, when he met his beloved wife, Elena Hughes. He fell in love with Elena Hughes, his colleague at the Army Hospital. Dr. Henry believed that Elena was his true love and did not hesitate to do anything to love him. Unfortunately, Elena died a few months later and left Dr. Henry alone with a broken heart. This is where the strange artistic life began. After Elena's burial, he went to the cemetery for two years and looked after Elena until April 1933, when he decided to take her home. He lived with Elena for seven years and used a variety of products and tools to keep it healthy until his family became suspicious of him and he was arrested by police.

4. Gloria Ramirez, Poison Lady

Gloria's life was normal but her death was very strange. She was suffering from cancer and was admitted to the hospital's emergency department as her illness worsened. The nurses who changed her clothes noticed an oily substance on her skin and she could smell a very strange odor in her mouth. Gloria's blood sample also contained strange particles. After all, after a few minutes, all the nurses in the room lost consciousness one after another. Some nurses had trouble breathing and one became paralyzed! Despite the efforts of Gloria's doctors, she died that night, and after that everyone who tried to examine her body became ill; Despite all efforts, the reason for this never happened.

5. Anheliz Michelle

Anhellis' unusual life began at the age of sixteen. Anheliz was born in 1952 in Germany. She was 16 years old when he was diagnosed with epilepsy during a series of symptoms. But the lack of effect of epilepsy drugs on her led her to think that the demon had conquered her body and so she turned to the priests for war. Finally, after eleven months of difficult fighting conditions and exorcism ceremonies, Anheliz died weighing only 30 kilograms. After her death, police arrested her parents, as well as the priests involved.

6. Sawney Bean, Scottish cannibal

The cannibalistic legend of Sawney and his family has terrified Scottish children for hundreds of years. According to the stories, Sawney and a woman lived secretly in a cave for 25 years. They had several children, and these children gave birth to other children through communication. They came out of the cave secretly and only at night, killing and eating about a thousand people. But one night, when they attacked a very skilled and capable man, the fight lasted so long that others heard their voices and came to his aid. Although the Swan family returned to their cave, this was enough for a research team to discover their hideout. Eventually they were all arrested and transferred to Edinburgh Prison. And were executed shortly afterwards for their horrific crimes.


Hope you like this strange list🤗

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