Best places to visit in autumn

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Autumn is near, the season of colours and festivals, while being in quarantine😷, I'm inviting you to this virtual trip to best autumnal places to visit in autumn!🤔

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most visually appealing cities in Europe, looks like a painting on autumn days. Petrin Hill and Letna Park boast this beautiful city, full of stunning orange trees. Cultural music and food festivals are held during this season, including a number of one-month autumn music festivals in various styles. 

Kyoto Temples, Japan

The legendary cherry blossoms in Japan disappear within a week, but the leaves of the autumn trees create a unique landscape for two months. Autumn colors appear in mid-November on the northern slopes of the Kyoto Mountains, and by the end of the month, they paint and glaze temples such as Tofuku Ji, Ikando, and Koda Ji. Huen Temple has red maple trees and Shin Yudu Temple has stunning yellow ginkgo trees. Some temples, such as Kyomizu Dera and Tenjuan, have maple tree lighting in the evenings, which reflects the lovely image of the pond water.

New England, USA

One of the most beautiful autumns can be seen in early October in six northeastern states, which is a unique backdrop for white churches and red stalls. The range of colors is unique, from yellow (poplar, spruce, elm) to red (blueberry, maple) and purple (sumac). Highway 169 in Kentucky and Mohawk Road in Massachusetts are great fall trails, and the whitewashed mountains of New Hampshire are stunning.

Katzolds, England

The grazing fields and pastures of sheep and honey-colored cottages in Katzolds embody the suburbs of England, and in this season full of fog and fruit when the slopes of the mountains are full of orange and yellow. For a good fall stroll, head to the Katzolds Nature Reserve and Weston Berth Botanical Garden, which features unique Japanese maple trees in a variety of colors and two fall hiking trails. The famous scenic gardens of Blenheim Palace also hold a grand show.

Moselle Valley, Germany

This steep valley is full of villages and castles that are always beautiful, but its famous vineyards (the oldest vineyards in Germany) are at their most spectacular in autumn. On a positive note, festivals are also held during the month of September in small towns along the river, such as Bernkestel Kos and Wینningen. Take cycling trails on both sides of the Moselle River, which are truly one of the most scenic cycling trails in Europe.

Lodz, Poland

To understand why Poles celebrate Poland's "Golden Autumn", we should head to Europe's largest urban park on the outskirts of Poland's second largest city, Lodz. Lajioniki Park is full of trees that show off the colors of autumn, especially the paths that are full of oak and spruce trees. You may also encounter animals such as deer and crows before moving south in the winter. Polish families gather together to pick mushrooms, a common autumn tradition throughout Eastern Europe.

Montreal, Canada

From mid-September to early November, the city is a unique city for what Canadians call the autumn landscape while all the parks offer a pleasant view of autumn, including the Montreal Botanical Gardens, the forested hills of Mount Park Royal (with magnificent chestnut trees) and Bois-de-Liesse Park. Morgan Botanical Garden has a 25 km walk. Even the old port of the city is full of orange and yellow trees along the road.

Bulgoxa Temple, South Korea

Combine colorful autumn with the history of the ancient capital of South Korea, Guangzhou, whose antiques have created a large open-air museum. One of the most prominent sights is the world-famous Bulguca Temple, which sits on a cliff with the shadow of twisted pine trees and two arched bridges. Its colorful buildings and the protruding roofs, along with the orange and red trees on the surrounding slopes attract attention.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The sloping vineyards on the shores of Lake Geneva, between the towns of Lawson and Montreux, are unique enough when painted with golden vines, but better yet, a view of the mountains. The Alps show the clearest picture during the fall season. Try the fantastic 32 km Grande Traversee trail or the shorter Parcours Viticole trails, which you can also see in the middle of the cellars.

Mount Wilson, Australia

If you have not been able to follow autumn in the north, part of the NSW Blue Mountains will meet your need to see colorful autumn. Mount Wilson has a unique variety of cold trees such as lemon, sycamore, elm and amber, some of which are planted in squares and along roadsides and show off the splendor of nature. A number of private gardens open their doors to the public at the annual Wilson Mountain Fall Festival.


Have a good day😊😊

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I really love autumn because autumn is different from all seasons, you know why? Because there is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been. Thiis season makes these places more wonderful.

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3 years ago

Although each season has it's own beauty, I agree with you, autumn is the most beautiful.👍🏼

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3 years ago

Yess, thankyou for that. Autumn is love.

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3 years ago