Audiences have changed the ending of these movies!

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Many films go through a test phase in which the audience is shown the original version of the film and asked to comment on it.

The filmmakers may make changes to the film. Especially if there is a part that the audience criticizes. This includes the ending of the film.

A number of important films, and even classic films, have undergone changes because experimental audiences have reacted negatively to it. Sometimes the ending of the film is the issue of these audiences, which will eventually lead to a better film.

You may be surprised to hear the names of the movies that changed the ending of their story, as there are familiar letters on this list.

Fatal Attraction

"Fatal attraction" faced a very important dilemma. To stick to the essence of their story or to deliver something to the audience that they like. The story of the film, starring Michael Douglas, is about the dying relationship of a married man with a woman who refuses to end it. The original version was rejected by the test audience. That's why Adrian Lane filmed another ending. The film was well received and became the best-selling film of 1987.

Pride and Prejudice

Given that this film is based on the famous novel by Jane Stein, do not think that another sequel has been made for this film. But this story had a different story depending on the countries in which it was screened. Another version of the film was released in the UK. When "Pride and Prejudice" premiered in the American experimental audience, director Joe Wright noticed the British audience's reluctance to do so.

Deep Blue Sea

The film is about a group of scientists who begin experiments on sharks in hopes of finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease. But things are not going well and the sharks are having scary moments. The story was supposed to end with the survival of three characters, which the experimental audience did not like. That's why director Rennie Harlin continued filming for another day to mark another end.

28 Days Later

This is one of the best horror movies and it is about a virus that destroys most of England and turns its targets into zombie-like creatures. Danny Boyle and the writer decided to end the script with an optimistic story so that the audience would not be upset by the story. Of course, they also filmed another ending, which was released in a digital version in England, in which the protagonist of the film loses his life. Fox screened these two endings one after the other and after editing with the phrase "What if ...".

First Blood

If Ted Kachev had followed the original story, no film from the world of Rambo would have been made. Because the main character was to be killed. In the initial finale, Rambo is surrounded by police as Sylvester Stallone plays, and he eventually shoots himself in the head with a gun. But Sylvester Stallone believed that this ending meant the defeat of Rambo, and it was too bad to reach another ending that we saw when the film was released and watched. Rambo is captured and survives.

Shawshang redemption

Although the film had a disappointing box office run when it was released in 1994, it is now one of the best classics ever. Frank Darabont wanted to stick to the Stephen King novel from which the film was adapted, ending the film with Morgan Freeman boarding a bus after his release and heading for an unknown future. But the film's financier had a different opinion, believing that after two hours of watching the pain and hardship, a happy ending should be considered for the film.


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