7 signs that prove giants are real!!

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In the following report, I have prepared 7 reasons that show that giants exist.

According to scientists, the human race  has evolved a lot throughout history. Some with a small body and some with a larger body.

But what if I told you that there were humans two, three, or four times the size of today?

7. Footprints of a Chinese giant

In August 2016, a strange discovery took place in Guinzhou, China. While climbing, a photographer found footprints that looked exactly like human footprints. But with the difference that it was more than twice the size of a human foot in length and width and was about three centimeters deep into the ground. Scientists estimated that this footprint must have been for someone who was about four meters taller. Many say that the story of this footprint is a lie that is quite understandable, but the fact can not be ignored that this is not the first time such a thing is discovered. A 120-centimeter footprint was found in South Africa in 1912, dating back 200 million years, and is said to be the ancient civilization of the giants, with stories and roots in Indian, Bible and Islamic cultures. What is very interesting is that this 1912 footprint was for someone who was almost more than 8 meters tall and could have been a very large giant.

6. Exhumation of the Phillips brothers

A 1912 news article reported details of an exhumation of a mountain cemetery by the Phillips brothers. The cemetery was in Wisconsin, USA, and according to the New York Times, on May 4, 1912, 18 giant skeletons were discovered that were carefully buried in this mountain cemetery. These bones were a bit like the skeletons of monkeys, but in many ways they were also similar to the skeletons of humans, and expertly these bones were identified as human bones. Earlier, the skeletons of giants had been found in Wisconsin. Wisconsin was an ancient civilization for giants.

5. Remains of giants in Ecuador

In 1964, several locals contacted Carlos Waca's father. Carlos was a priest who worked with local hospitals. The locals had found a bunch of strange bones in the mountains, and after examining them, the priest realized that these bones were for humans, but their size was several times larger than the size of ordinary bones. The bones were then taken to an archaeologist. He, along with several other experts, examined the bones and concluded that they were for a human being about 8 meters tall, and the researchers estimated that the bones were at least 10,000 years old. The archaeologist claimed that the area where the bones were found was known as the Giants' Cemetery among the locals, but this claim was never substantiated.

4. The giants of Varna

The bones were found in the town of Varna in Bulgaria. You should know that Varna used to be the ancient Greek city of Odessa, which is known for having thousands of secrets and mysteries about giants, and it is not surprising that in January 2015, a large human skeleton was discovered there. This skeleton was buried in a very interesting way and the handles of this skeleton were on his back. Some who were very skeptical said that this skeleton was too tall for a human, but another group said that this giant is the ancient giant of Odessa.

3. The cave giant

In 1911, two miners decided to hunt down a type of bat that was used to make gunpowder. So they went hunting in a cave, but there they made a strange ancient discovery, and then they informed Alfred Kruber, who was the head of the archeology department at the University of California. They found several normal-sized mummies, but next to them they found a few skeletons that were surprisingly large and over 3 meters high, and even found a large hand cage in the same cave that did not look like an ordinary human at all. .

2. Colorado River

In 1905, Jay Kinki was boating on the Colorado River when he found a large tunnel 1.5 miles underground. He followed the tunnel and found a Buddha statue. He also found several other historical tools, such as spears and swords, but the surprising discovery was the skeletons of humans two to three meters tall. What made the case even more suspicious was that after this discovery, the US government completely closed the area and no other news came out.

1. Death Valley Giants

In 1931, a physicist discovered caves and tunnels in Death Valley in the United States and decided to explore these tunnels with a man named Daniel SV. When they returned, they realized that the place was not an ordinary cave, but there was an area of ​​289 square kilometers below it. The first thing they found was an almost religious place, full of various signs and symbols. But next to them, a strange and large thing that was discovered was a human skeleton that was two to three meters tall and this story was first published in a newspaper, but it is said that these skeletons were collected by the US government and after It left no sign of it.

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