The Important Role of Internet & Social Media During Pandemic

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The modern technology is said to characterized our world today. Our civilization had reached the peak of intelligence so much so that in aspects pertaining to make life longer, comfortable and enjoyable the geniuses of people in the world made it possible through their technological inventions.

I don't know exactly who the persons where behind such different kinds of inventions but I was made aware of their inventions and tried to experience somehow and somewhere in life.

To site some of modern technological.inventions that is world wide acknowledge is the use of the internet. Without it social media connections all over the world would not be possible. Gadgets like cellphones, computers, laptops , wifi, or whatever gadgets that needs internet connection will be of no use without it.

World wide website has a large part in the internet in creating the possibility of having a social media all over the world.

The following are the things that I observed to be the important roles that internet and social media contributed or accomplished globally and personally to us. They are very helpful in our daily tasks and activities in order for us to be productive and enjoy life at its best.

Provides face to face Communication & Interaction through video calls, and text messaging

The families who were made a long distance apart because of dreams to be successful professionally, or to be financially successful , all for making the family happy , were made still close together and in touch as always, through social media. Having fb accounts and a messenger they were able to have a face to face communication , & interactions through video calls. And just in case not possible due to internet connection failures, it is done by text messaging.

Provides financial accessibility or money transfer in an easier, faster and safer method for the family

Sending money from abroad to families nowadays were made either directly to digital wallets or money transfer. This kind of ways or means is so advantageous to both sides in terms of accessibility .It is as actually easier, faster and safer.

Provides learning situations of all levels of education available and accessible

Undergoing such difficult times because of pandemic, our modern technology was the solution. The Dept. Of Education has come up with the new normal process or activities to perform just as education in the country would continue. Through virtual lectures or sessions students and teachers continue the teaching learning process. Problems related to it were given immediate response to have solutions. Thus the end results , enables deserving graduating students graduated from their courses , respectively.

Provides Solution to Unemployment problem through Online business - buying & selling

The pandemic situation cause most people to lose their source of income due to the closure of business companies and establishments. It was a tragic experienced for the breadwinners to be out of job from where the income to support their own families came from. Though the government gave assistance to all the citizens of the country yet still it is not so sufficient to meet every needs of the family.

Many people then think of ways and means to provide for themselves and their families by doing an on line business. And through internet and social media their accessibility on line in all corners of the country and wherever people everywhere were reached. Thus making their online business successful.

Provide Legit Earning Sites for people to choose from as form of entertainment, fun & socializing

There are lots in the internet to choose from which can really be of help to everyone who seeks to have fun, entertainment and friends while earning at the same time and overcome boredom.

I personally can attest to that for I am a user of sites like and read. cash. I find it fun and entertaining . It offered opportunities of having more friends, more knowledge and informations to learn more about trending cryptocurrency and earning it as well.

Provides Business transactions easier, faster and safer both for the owner/producer and consumer/buyer

Through internet connections and social media producer and customer met. Both having an access in communicating and interacting. Business Deals were opened and business transactions were closed virtual or not through internet & social media.

Provides Source of Informations and Entertainment to all

Only the internet and social media supplied the informations and entertainmet needed by the citizens of any country under pandemic situations. People in all walks of life, rich and poor and different ages either Confined or quarantined in house, hospital or any designated place . All are waiting and expecting , informations, guidelines and news . People in the house old, young , children , kids bored for long time of confinement in respective houses seek entertainment to internet and social media and nothing else.

Provides the means by which religious beliefs and practices can still be observed

Through live streaming people who can't go to churches because of some restrictions, can watch the mass in their churches, others their worship services in their respective churches all at the same time wherever they are as freely as they could.

My final say

There are still lots to say about the roles of internet and social media in our society globally and personally, now and more so in the future.

But for now this is all that I can say, as far as I am concern to the best of what I have observed.

I just want to encourage each one to use it responsibly, honestly, cautiously to help others and not to abuse or misuse the privilege of using the internet and social media.

Good day everyone . May we all have a productive, profitable, using the internet and social media in an honest way and good intentions.

Thanks again for taking time to read.

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