Instinctive Actions of Pets

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Many people here in our neighborhood have pets. Mostly owned pet dogs, others hen, rooster and ducks and others cats.

In front of our house they have three dogs, all local dogs. On the right side they have three dogs as well, one was local and the other two has foreign breeds. At the back of our house , which was my sister's house , they have hen and ducks. We are in the same compound and so their hen and ducks and even cats go to our place. On a distant on the other front side of the road one of our neighbor owned a big cat. And another adjacent to my sister's house owned a rooster.

Other neighbors from a distance have also their dog pets. One of my neighbor had their dog pet chained at their gate. It was not allowed to roam around the place. I have known that they have a dog when one day I have visited their place for I was invited to come into their compound. I just knew it when suddenly it barked when I entered their premises. The chain was too short to reach me as I enter, I was just surprised , and feared at his bark.

I will be sharing then how these neighbor's pet affects my daily living and our own pet cats.

The Dogs In Front of Our House

The pet dogs in front of our house were allowed to roam around in the place near their house which was also in front of the house . They were tamed dogs. They do not attack people. They only attack other dogs which passes by . They will not stop barking and chasing the dog that passes by until it was driven away from our place.

What was annoying about these dogs was their barks during the night when everyone was asleep. I was usually awaken by their barks in the middle of the night, that I can hardly go back to sleep.

Another annoying thing was they poop in front of our gate or on the middle of the road which is part of the front of the house. The owner just don't make an effort to cover it with dust or sand and sweep. They just don't care about it.

The Dogs on the Right side of our House

The local pet dog of the owner on the right side of our house do also poop on the street beside our house for our house was located along the main road and side street.

The only difference between the owner of the pet dog was their attitude. The owner of the pet dogs on the right side clean the poop on the street while the other is not. Beside their dogs with breed just stayed inside their premises.

The Pets of My sister Neighbor

The cats we have and my sister 's cats were siblings do they were friends. The mother cat and one sibling stays with us while the other siblings stayed with my sister.

The ducks seldom go to our place to look for some food around . They messed up the surroundings in looking for food.

The hen with the rooster of one of our neighbor come often in our place specifically in the plantbox for almost a week daily. It was because the hen is laying her eggs in the plantbox and the rooster keep on watch whenever the hen lay her eggs. When the hen had laid ten eggs , my sister decided to take the 10 pcs. eggs. My sister gave me 4 pcs. eggs as my share. Accdg. to her she will not let it be hatched for there are still little chicks to be taken cared of. Just then the hen stopped coming to the plantbox when her eggs were gone.

The Big Cat of our Other Neighbor

Just this after as I was in my favorite place in the terrace making some noise, our cat suddenly appeared running. It was being chased by the neighbor's big cat. I am wondering why and where did this big cat come from. I didn't know that the chasing was not yet over. The bug cat is still chasing our cat. Our cat run do fast and quickly jump to our coconut tree. He was there for quite sometime till the big cat disappear. While on the trunk of the coconut tree I get ready my phone to capture the moment. Before our cat get down little by little I was able to take some photos. The Big cat was gone so our cat get down.

After awhile I saw the same big cat on the hand of a teen age girl. And I asked her if it was her cat. And she said it is. The Big cat run away all of a sudden. And I said to take it for I will take it some photos. She chased the cat and was able to catch it. I try to take a photo even the cat was trying to run. The Big cat was struggling from the teen age girl hand. She just let it go when I said I have already taken some photos.

The teen age girl told me that it usually go inside our premises eyeing for the dove. When she said about it I look at the rooftop and saw the dove upon it. So it was the reason why the big cat came in. It just that it saw our cat and it's the one whom it chase .

I just thought that maybe this big cat quarrelled our cats and injured them. One of Our cat which the big cat just chased has one eye injured and maybe he is the one who did it . So our cat was so fearful at him that it climb up to the highest place of the trunk of the coconut tree for the big cat even come up in chasing our cat . This big cat , according to the owner was named Tweeny and he is an intruder cat for me.

Our cat with one eye injured

With what happened today with our cat with one eye injured, my question in my mind how did it happened was now clear to me. The cat intruder which is Tweeny was the cause of it, I am pretty sure of it.

If Tweeny kept an eye always on the dove in our rooftop , for sure anyone who get on his way to do so , will be chased by him.

I always kept watch on our cats how they are doing each day. And on this day, this is what actually happened with one of our cats.

Thanks for reading . I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you had a nice day with your pets.

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Title: instinctive Actions of Pets
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Well I always wonder why only pets are the ones who are hiding their pools with mud? I have never seen a dog doing such thing that's why I always like to have cats as a pet due to their this quality

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1 year ago

i have seen this habit in my cat as well, whenever she poops she covered her dirt with mud

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1 year ago

Cats are conscious about their privacy they never poop in front of others also they use the place where they feel the place is dirty My cat always poops on his place and also covers it with mud so that nobody sees it

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1 year ago

I agree with you. Our cats do the same. That's their big difference from dogs.

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1 year ago