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Life requires many things , for us to continue surviving for our existence . In any choices and decisions we make , it makes us to do things necessary to come up with the good choices and wise decisions. There are basic requirements in our government that we should have so as to be legal and valid in any transactions we go through publicly.

The Government Requirements


When we were born, our parents were required to file for our Birth Certificate .and register it to our respective municipality. Whether you are a legitmate or illegitimate child of your parents still, they have to file your birth certificate, declaring all the necessary informations needed in.filling up the birth certificate form. Negligence by our parents to do this in the earliest time possible after our birth,still they will be oblige by the government to file it even as a late registration .

Birth Certificate as we all know is very important. It is a public document stating facts about you. It is a document required in schooling, in looking for a job, local or abroad. In securing an ID card , in filing for marriage contract , in filing in the death certificate by loved ones and in many more transactions you are going to make that requires it.

Birth Certificate is one's own Identification. It confirms the real identity of the person: the name, his parents names , date and place of birth .

All the informations declared in the Birth Certificate should be complete and written in the right spelling. If not it will invalidate one's own identification. To make it valid, correction should be made and should be notarized by an attorney.


Education is an important is an important thing that any person should have. At least to read ,write, count as basic education is a must. It will be for one's own good. Any person must be given the right to be educated. It will be difficult for a person to live in a society where he belongs if a person is deprived of knowing how to read, write and count as the very least to achieve. Though a thumb mark is the most valid in any transactions requiring signature.

For persons who have attained elementary , secondary, college, masters or doctorate degree, such educational attainment records are required in looking for jobs locally or abroad for qualifications purposes , for job applied for.


Fraud or fake Public Documents such as Birth Certificates or Diplomas are being manipulated and anyone who used such things can be sued as falsification of public documents. It is considered as a crime.

Social Media Requirements

It is a very different thing when it comes to social media. Compared to government requirements of legalities , in social media , it seems anything goes. It is not as strict as the government requires. The very identity of the real person is closed or private depending upon one's choice.S person can hide one's real identity, which is just alright in the social media. This is for a person's safety and protection. As a rule, you have to protect everything about you so as not to be scam or have your identity stolen and be used by others.

Personal Requirements

This has something to do with our personal choices, decisions and preferences in life. It could include our personal well being, what we wanted in life to achieve, physically, spiritually , emotionally, mentally , socially or to have materially and financially.


One thing we require ourselves is to set our goals to be our guide and motivation to achieve what we want in life for the betterment of our personal well being.

  • Physically - Health being an important factor in our personal well being, others prioritize it, but to some it is taken for granted not willingly but for financial difficulties. But for others who considered and valued health they find means to cope up with what is required to do. The very health conscious ones really makes hardworks and efforts to maintain good health. They required themselves consistent exercise, cautious in food intake as to amount of food intake either less or more whichever is necessary and is needed. Others prefers more on physical appearance for it is necessary in their line of work. They have to look gorgeous, sexy, appealing, but decent. Wives wants to maintain their beauty for hasband's sake.

  • Spiritually - I personally believe that this should be the foremost requirement we ought to push ourselves to be health conscious of. With the difficulties of how life is to be lived in this earth requires good spiritual health to cope up with the stresses in life, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and even financially. Knowing God personally and having established the kind of personal relationship as Father and child relationship and fellowship,life can be still joyful, & peaceful despite the odds in life.The faith, and trust in God will surpass any misunderstanding of the Negativities we see here below, because we are looking to the author and finisher of our faith , the Lord Jesus Christ, being the God and the Only Saviour.

  • Emotionally - We are emotionally unstable . We usually react on what we actually see, and perceive. Uncontrolled emotions usually lead to bad results which becomes detrimental to our personal being socially. To cope up with this we required ourselves to develop patience, self control , trust, especially love. The triggering factor of negative emotions can be minimized if we are in good health condition spiritually. Victory is promised to those who let God worked into their lives.

  • Mentally - The mental well being of a person dififfers individually from.person to person. The capacity and ability to learn varies individually. But such differences does not mean that only those who are intelligent succeeds in life. Reality showed us there are intelligent people who does not succeed , but there are those people who had average or low average IQ succeeds in their choice profession or in life achievement. There are factors involved that persons were able to cope up with Negativities and pressures that others were not able to cope up with and so others succeed and others do not. Parents or nobody need not sometimes interfere with the personal choices or decisions made by children. They can guide but should not insists on their own choice or decision with regards to profession .

  • Socially - We are social beings. Everyone gets involved in a society and a community or a group we prefer. And being involved we communicate and interact with people of different characteristics, personalities and behaviour. To cope up with everyone we require ourselves to be accommodating to everyone if possible. We try to adjust, and try to learn things we ought to know and learn, to improve ourselves to become a better person socially.

  • Materially - We all needs material things in this world, for our basic needs comforts, ease and enjoyment. To cope up with all our needs and wants we require ourselves to have a source of income, to land a job and work harder to meet our needs, and wants to feel comfortable at ease and happy. We think of ways and means that are suitable to us , basing upon experiences, knowledge and skills.

  • Financially - Financial matters makes the number one problem in the world. It seems that finances makes the world go round , so to say. From the least to the greatest, rich or poor, literate or illiterate whatever status or gender we have , finances is our means or tools by which we can have what we need and want. The lack or having much or less of it triggered problems if not being controlled or handled right. It seems without it we are in a big trouble. We find ourselves helpless and useless to ourselves and others especially to our own family. To cope up with the need because of lack finances we require ourselves to find means of having it, by all means by hook or by crook. Others find the good ways but others don't. Others find themselves in illegal activities, some committed crimes such as scam, swindling, estafa , stealing, snatching, hold ups and many more modus that they can think of. But there are those for fear of God and if s good conscience take the good means of earning it. On the other hand having much, being controlled by it, some become more coveteous and greedy, and treat others less human.


Be Thankful, Grateful , Believing, Trusting , having Faith and Wait on God

What God allows us to have is what we are truly in need of it. God knows us more than we know ourselves. We just come to know ourselves more when we are in a situation of having much or having less or in lack. Such things are allowed to test us so as we ourselves would know our limits , which is for our own good. We tend to do our own way, instead of believing , trusting and stepping by faith in what God will do to meet our needs. We tend to be impatient and don't wait , but always in a hurry and goes ahead of God's timetable.

Know God's Word & His Promises , Believe it and Never Doubt it.

We have the Bible, the revealed word of God. The Promises of God are stated therein. Believe it , Hold on to it, and Never Doubt it. God says what He means, and Means what He says. And when God Promised He will by all means Fulfill.

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You are right po, first of all we need the birth certificate, next is the education along with the diploma that we need so that we can find a good job.

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I guess they are policies tailored towards the good of all you country men especially as it had to do with identification. It is very important for national security.

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1 year ago

Yes everything you mentioned is really important and they play a significant role in our lives because of their importance in society.

Above all, we need God more because he is the author and finisher of our faith.

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1 year ago