Biblical Facts About Plants & Animals

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In The Old Testament

In Book of Genesis

They were Created By God

There is only one Book that is considered to be the most reliable one , to believe the facts about creation. The Book is none other than the Bible. It records about the Beginnings, the past, present , future and the end and even eternity.

They were created before Adam & Eve

In the book of Genesis , which is called the Book of Beginnings, states that animals and plants were created first before Adam & Eve .

  • On the third day , all kinds of plants were created ( Genesis 1: 11,12)

  • On the sixth day , all kinds of animals were created. ( Genesis 1 : 20-25)

As God spoke the word, they were created as they are and God saw they are good . God blessed them to multiply after its kind.

Adam, the first man, was given the dominion over the animals. ( Genesis 1:26)

Adam gave the names of the animals. (Genesis 2:20)

Adam was told by God to feed himself as well as the animals with the fruit trees and herbs .

In Book of Leviticus

Animals are used as offerings to God for the forgiveness of sins. Animals that are firstlings and no blemishes or injury are only to be offered .

Facts in The New Testament

Christ's Teachings

During Christ public ministry He used nature like plants and animals to teach truths that people could easily understand the lessons they ought to know and learn.


The birds & lilies of the field

Jesus Christ site the example of the birds and the lilies of the field . How that God feed the birds who do not work to have foods to eat, and the lilies of the field who cannot take care of itself but God takes care and clothe with such beauties that we can see. (Matt. 6:25-33)

Truths to Learn

  • We should not worry but to have faith in God that He will provide our needs for foods , drinks and clothes.

  • We should give God the priority in worshipping Him first and do what will please and glorify Him, more than our desires and wants for our comfort and ease or enjoyment. God deserved our worship for He is our Creator, for without Him we are nothing and can do nothing .

The hen & her brood ( chicks)

Jesus Christ talks about how hen gather her brood under her wings to protect from harm.

Truths to Learn

Jesus Christ came as God sent Saviour , for people have sinned and is separated from God and is condemned to hell. (John 3:16-18). But the Jews being the God chosen people , didn't believe in Him. He lived in this earth preaching, teachings about the kingdom of God, heal the sick, casting out demons and doing many miracles to show that He is the God sent One, to gather them, being God chosen people but they rejected Him.( John 1:11)

For the meantime , I have to end to this two examples . I have to take my time to look into other examples . I just hope you will look forward into it .

Plants and animals are interesting creatures that God allows us to have, to enjoy their existence as well as to learn from them. They existed for good reason and purpose in our lives. When we do appreciate them means we are also appreciating the One who created them.

Thanks for taking your time to read. Your like and comments are very much appreciated .

Have a blessed day everyone.

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