With these steps, success in life is assured

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3 years ago

You will have to learn to unlearn to relearn the necessary characteristics needed for success (let go off that ur programmed mindset and put on the new clothes for your journey to success) .

If must become successful, you will have to sacrifice a lot of things for it ... call it pleasure, fake life styles, fake friends etc.

More importantly, you will have to believe in (God, yourself, what you do / what you want to do ... etc) ...

You have to change your attitude towards life, be positive & ambitious, be completely engaged, read & learn thoroughly (from; your mentors, your role models, your counselors, ask questions where you need clarifications, watch motivational videos, webinars, seminars, ...), take major action (you're still learning and being taught).

Build solid foundations, be hard-working, be patient (try and keep trying and keep trying ..., before success comes), adjust to any situation ...

Remember I said believe in God, so you would have to pray always for guidance from Heaven, mercy, wisdom, favor, etc. It is vitally important.

Keep in mind that it's not going to be easy (you have to face challenges and war tugs but never you limit yourr challenges, rather, question ur limits).

Success becomes possible when you pay the right prices you ought to. Remember the claim that Rome wasn't built in one day. All you need is to start where you are now and take on your own challenges (with steadiness, patience, aggressiveness towards your hunger for success and smooth consistency in everything you do).

Always bear it in mind that ur greatest obstacle to success in life is YOU

I believe in you, the one million and one question is, do u believe in yourself??? 

There is never a better time than now, to start because you don't hold tomorrow in your hands...

Are u ready???? If not, when are you going to be ready to work for tomorrow???

See you at the top, if you can follow these simple steps!!!

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3 years ago